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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hello Son...

Hello sweet boy. I'm sorry I did not post anything to you on your 5 month angelversary, but I did go out to visit you and a dear friend of mine wanted to come visit you too so she was there along with her son. It was very special knowing that others want to come to visit you too and I am glad. I hope you got all of your balloons, I forgot the camera so I didnt get pictures but it was very sweet. We all let go of balloons for you and it was very nice. Bry even talked to you for a little bit it was very sweet. It just amazes me the innocence of a child, he spoke to you as if you were his best friend and he had know you forever. I was truely touched. It absolutely lifted my heart. I love you my sweet baby. There is no one else like you my son, you touched this world and many people and you never spoke a word or even drew one breath of earths air. You truly amaze me. Some days its like a river one minute I feel as if I am completely content and feel as if I CAN continue living but some days I feel like I am on those rapid waters and am angry and frusterated and just dont understand. You keep me going, just by knowing that I will get to see you and hold you again always keeps me going. When I am down all I have to do is picture your beautiful face and remember I will hold you again and I feel alright. When our time on earth is done I will meet you at the gates of Heaven, me and daddy will meet you there and it will be the sweetest day because once again our little family will be complete. Please watch over your little brother or sister and keep them safe. We love you so much peanut and miss you everyday. Until that sweet day we meet again. I love you.


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