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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dear God,..

Dear God,

Please love my Angel that dwell with you above,

Please hug him for me tightly with your precious, tender love,

Dear God,

Please sing him lullabys as he lays down to sleep,

Please comfort him and just be there if he should ever weep.

Please let him know I love him and wish I understood

The reason he is in Heaven, please tell him to be good.

Are fluffy clouds his pillows, to lay his head at night?

And do the stars just twinkle to give him little light?

Will you watch him so carefully and always hold his hand?

And answer all the questions that a child can't understand?

Do you tell him all about me, does he know just who I am?

Is he with my family, my grandpa and Grandma?


do you ever pick him up and sit him on your knee?

And rock him oh so gently if he ever cries for me?


does he play with children's toys in Heaven up above?

I have so many questions Lord,

I want to understand

Just why my little Angel is up there, was his life planned?

I dwell down here and feel like we're a thousand miles apart,

Please help me God, please hear my plea, Just mend this broken heart!

(author unknown)

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