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Monday, September 15, 2008

4 months...

Hello my sweet baby, its been 4 months since you've been gone and we miss you like crazy. We dream of the day that we will be able to hold you again. We miss you so much. I still can not believe you are gone. Life seems so unreal and not what it used to be. It never will be the way it used to be ever again. I would not change my life at all. We can not look at everything as bad, yes we dont have you in our arms but we have you and thats what matters. I tell everyone I know I would not wish that this never happened because even though I met you this way, I was blessed to be able to meet you at all. Yes I would love to be able to hold you again even if for just a moment. You are my son and I am happy and blessed that you are. You are my everything. I wanted to share these pictures, the first is your little footprints. The second is a blanket I made for you, it looks a little rough because mommy isnt good at sewing and its not quite finished yet. I still have to put the picture transfers on and I need to fix the corners (they look bad) I hope you like it. I love you my sweet peanut. I will be sending you some balloons later and I'll post those pictures as well. Me and daddy are going to clean up your garden and put your bench together next weekend, I will put those pictures up here too for you to see. I love you baby boy.


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