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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Catching up

Well I have been a bit behind on posting, so heres to catch up. A few weeks ago I decided I would try to see if the funeral home might by chance still have the clothes and blanket that they picked up the baby in from the hospital and of course they do keep those items, but only for 60 days and by time I even thought about it, it was too late. They had already thrown them out. I wasnt upset but a little bummed considering I never even thought to ask for them after the funeral or before. How do you think about something like that when all you can think about is having to bury your baby? I couldnt understand why they dont at least let you know that they will keep these items for you in case you would like to have them. I didnt even know that they kept them until I called of course too late. Then I also wanted to see if the hospital might happen to have any pictures of him without his hat on, the wonderful nurses at the hospital that night were thoughtful enough to take pictures for us but unfortunately they all have his hat on. Of course being in the state that we were in that night, we didnt think that we might want to see him without his hat or look him over because that would be our only chance to do so. So I called up there and one sweet and wonderful nurse told me that they actually have a perfessional photographer that comes in and takes a couple pictures of babies after they are born. Well I was so excited to finally be able to see my son without his hat on, only once again to be brought down. Come to find out the nurse had to call this photographer to find out where our pictures were and she tells the nurse "oh the 3 pictures we took they are all black and you cant even see the baby, and theres one that you can just barely see the top of his hat." the nurse asked her why she didnt bother to call them or anything so that they could let us know. Her response was "well most people dont even want these pictures anyways so I didnt think it was a big deal" OMG talk about I was furious!!! How can you even say that?? I bet you that if you talked to any mother and father who had just lost their babies if they would want pictures of their child, I bet you they would say I would pay anything to have them! I had no idea that they even had someone come in and take pictures, thats why no one ever gets them IS BECAUSE THEY DONT KNOW THEY ARE THERE!!!!! And why the hell would you only take 3 pictures??? What are you a moron? Seriously, a baby has just died and the mother and father are never going to have another chance to take pictures of their child or make memories of them, so lets see, im only going to take 3 pictures of their child for them so that if all of them are screwed up they wont have any at all. OH WELL NOT MY PROBLEM!! She may not have said that but thats exactly what it feels like. You may say well she doesnt have to take these pictures at all and you are right she doesnt. But if that was me, I would say you know what this is the last chance these parents are going to get to see their precious baby how bout we give them pictures that they will remember and be able to have forever. And lets take more than 3 so that if any of them happen to get messed up there will be others that they will have!

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