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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Goal in life...

My goal in life right now at this moment in time, is to #1 try to have another child. #2 I feel I have a responsiblity to my son and other pregnant women in the world, to tell them and try to get them to educate themselves about the problems and things that can go wrong with pregnancy. Because I know not one soul on this earth that is pregnant would want to find out the way I had to find out that bad things do and can happen to you. The way I want to achieve this 2nd goal is to start my own non profit organization in memory of my son and do a walk to raise money to help research umbilical cord accidents. I say umbilical cord accidents because thats why my son is not with me and not many people are doing anything about it and the doctors who are trying to do something, do not have a lot of funding. There are many women out there who experience some sort of umbilical cord accident. Did you know that many of the tests that are done during prenatal visits, I have read are less likely to cause fetal death, and the chances that your baby could die due to an umbilical cord accident are higher. (not sure how acurate that is, something I read online) but yet no one does the simple test that "could" possibly tell you something is wrong with the umbilical cord. WHY?? I'm tired of sitting here like a lump feeling sorry for myself when I could be out there doing something to make a difference and to keep my sons memory alive. Help us to make a difference, please leave any comments or information you may have that may help us to get started. It all starts with one person and if one baby is saved it is worth it.

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