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Friday, July 25, 2008

Hi Peanut

Hello my sweet peanut. I have missed you so much lately, more than normal. I still cant believe you are not here with me. Some days it still feels like I'm just waiting for you to come into this world but then that night is replayed in my head and I just lose it. I feel sometimes that I will never be able to move forward and the pain will never ease. Then I feel you around me and near me then I know I will be okay. I try to keep a positive outlook but its so hard many times because I hear about someone else having a sweet baby or someone being pregnant and it makes me sad for us. I cant say that I am jealous of what others have because I'm not, I am very happy but its so hard to not hurt because of what we are missing. Someone told me the other day that it takes a very special person to be the mother of an Angel that may be true, I feel blessed and so hurt at the same time because I miss you so much. You have showed us what true love and unending love is and for that we thank you and will never forget that life is so short. Baby, we love you so very much and are always proud of you. You are our everything.


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