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Monday, July 14, 2008

Hi Son.

Hello my sweet Angel, I've missed you so much. Today was my first day back at work and it was hard but I needed to try and get back into some sort of routine and try and find my "new normal". I wish you were here with me! Things would be so great if I could hold you in my arms and hear your beautiful giggle and see your smile. I know in time my days on earth will be over and I will see you again, but I wish you were here with me now! You should have been able to come home with me and daddy after you were born but God needed you. I wish I could go back to the week before and make the doctor do more, but I know we can never change what is supposed to happen. I know your body only passed through this earth for a moment but your soul will live on forever. You have left such a beautiful imprint on my heart and know that even though your earthly days didnt last long that I will never forget you or never stop loving you or never stop missing you. I love you so much my precious son.


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